[Info-graphic] 7 + 1 Actionable Tips to Improve Blog Traffic

Traffic, Traffic, Traffic. Traffic is like heart of the site.

If a blog is getting more targeted traffic then that blog can easily grow and get success.

Getting organic traffic from search engines is bit difficult for beginners.

So, If you have started a new blog, and not getting traffic to your blog, then you are at the right place. Welcome to BloggerSky, in this article, we are going to discuss 8 Actionable tips that will definitely help you to improve blog traffic and get more visitors to your blog and improve your google rankings. 

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How to Improve Blog Traffic?

Here are some tips and strategies to help you to get more traffic to your blog.


Focus on improving your content, Create Long and shareable content that people like to share, create content that is more than 1500 words long, because long and In-depth content that covers detailed information about the topic have higher chances of ranking in search engines. 

Include media files in your blog posts, include pictures and videos in your blog posts to make people share it on social media, Industry studies have shown that content that have Media like images and videos have 90%+ more shares on social media than content that only contains text. 

Publish Info-graphics with your content, Info-graphics makes your content more shareable. 


Improve Site Loading speed, As you know that, site loading speed is an important factor for google rankings. Sites that loads faster ranks higher in search engines.

Use tools like GT Metrix, Pingdom and Google Page speed insights to check your site loading speed. 

Improving your site loading speed will also help you reduce bounce rate of your blog that is another imprtant factor for your blog’s ranking. 

You can use AMPs (Accelerated Mobile Pages) and Plugins like WPRocket or W3 Total cache to improve your site loading speed. 


SEO is the Key Factor in search engine rankings and getting Blog traffic, Optimize for On-page and Off-page seo.

Write a CTR Optimized title and meta description, use proper keyword density, Include semantically related keywords in your blog posts. 

Try to get backlinks from high authority sites, it will definitely improve your blog traffic.


Keywords are the most important to get search engine traffic, If you can find keywords with high search volume and low competition, then you can easily rank in SERPs. 

So focus on finding right keywords by using keyword research tools that will help you to drive high traffic to your blog.

You can use tools like Keywords everywhere, semrush and ahrefs keyword explorer to find right keywords for your blog


Guest posting will really help you to get new audience and more traffic, so try to do guest posts on high authority sites.

It is great way to get high authority backlinks and drive more referral traffic to your blog. 

Guest Posting also helps in improving authority of your site and getting quality traffic.


Social Media is a great resource to get more traffic to your blog, Share and Promote your content on social media, Use social share buttons in your blog posts to make it shareable.

Use Instagram, facebook and Linkedin to drive more social traffic to your blog. 

Post on social media at startegic times, when most people are active on social media.

Join and Create Social media groups and try to drive traffic from there.


Use Internal Linking in your Blog posts, Linking internally will also help you in SEO, Internal Linking Helps you to increase your Pages per session count and Improves your dwell time. 

Find opportunities to Link Internally in your Blog posts. 

If one your posts is ranking in search engines, then include other post links in that posts, other posts will also get more authority and it helps in improving the search engine traffic.

Bonus Tips

Here are some bonus tips that you can follow to drive more Traffic to your Blog:


The most common mistake that new bloggers make is they don’t focus on building email lists. 

Email Marketing really helps you to get more traffic than any other method.

So start building an email list, you can use lead magnets to build email lists faster. 

Email Marketing can be a powerful tool to get more traffic to your blog.

Final Thoughts

So these are the tips that you can use on your blog to drive more traffic. If you follow these tips then you can definitely get more traffic. If you have any questions or suggestion please comment down in the comments section below.

Hope you liked this post, Now it’s your turn, Implement all these tips and let me know in the comments if it worked for you

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