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A Highly converting Landing Page is a must for every business to get more sales. And with unbounce, you can do it easily with their Drag and drop landing page builder.

In this article, we are going to share some exclusive Unbounce Coupon codes. 

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Best Unbounce Coupon of the Day

Unbounce Coupon code : Get 14 days Free Trial

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Who is Unbounce?

Unbounce is one of the leading landing page builder platforms for marketers that helps businesses grow up without increasing their ad spend. 

Unbounce’s drag and drop builder gives marketing teams and agencies everything they need to get more return from their paid advertising.

It helps you launch more campaigns faster and improve your post-click ad conversion rates. 

You can easily build, optimize and customize landing and sales pages, sticky bars and pop ups, within minutes that improves your conversion rate and boosts your leads and sales

Unbounce helps marketers to launch campaigns faster with its interesting features and helps in improving conversion rate.  

Unbounce Pricing and Plans

Here is the Unbounce Pricing details and plans, you can choose any plan according to your needs and can select a billing cycle of your choice between monthly and annually billing:

Unbounce has 3 Plans, Essential, Premium and Enterprise Plan starting from 99$ (74$ / per month with the discount link) per month.

You can choose any Plan according to your choice and needs.

However, they are offering 25% OFF with Annual Plan and 20% OFF with Monthly Plan, that means you will save more if you go with there Annual Billing Option.

Here is the details of features that you will get with all it’s plans:

  1. Essential Plan

This Plan is good for you if are new to conversion tools and it has evrything you need to get started, with this plan you will get:

  • 75 Landing Pages
  • 8 Pop-ups and Sticky Bars
  1. Premium Plan

With this plan you will get double amount of features of essential plan and you can also create client sub-accounts, premium integrations, and more conversion tools.

With this plan you will get:

  • 150 Landing Pages
  • 16 Pop-ups and Sticky Bars
  1. Enterprise Plan

This Plan is for enterprises, this includes all the features of unbounce and you can get custom built to suit your needs.

With this plan you will get:

  • 375+ Landing Pages
  • 40+ Pop-ups and Sticky Bars
  • Launch Specialist and Success Manager to help maximize your ROI
  • Custom Built Plans.

Why Use Unbounce?

If you are a Marketer or marketing agency, then unbounce is very helpful for you in building a lot of Landing pages and digital assets

Instead of hiring a developer, you can make your landing pages easily with unbounce’s drag and drop functionality. 

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Features of Unbounce page builder 

Unbounce has a lot of features to make high converting landing and sales pages. Some of the Features are: 

  • Drag and drop page builder and editor to make landing pages easily.
  • A/B Split Testing
  • Auto Image Optimizer 
  • Hundreds of free high converting templates
  • Easily integrate with marketing tools
  • Inbuilt lead forms
  • Sticky Bars
  • Publish to your domain and wordpress
  • Mobile friendly pages
  • Dashboard that shows real time data
  • Video backgrounds in your pages.

And more other interesting features that makes it easy for you to make highly converted landing and sales pages. 

The 3 most converting features that you can use with Unbounce are:

1. Customized Landing Pages

Landing pages are pages with a single cal to action that are tailored to a campaign.

Creating a great looking Landing page and sending visitors to your page from an ad creates a compelling experience and makes your visitors more likely to convert.

Image: Landing page example, Ecommerce

You can create highly converting Landing Pages that looks great with Unbounce Page builder.

Image: Landing page example: Agency

It also improves your Google Ads Quality Score, lowering your CPC (cost per click) to make ad budgets go further.

“Ads get traffic. Landing pages get conversions.”

— Joe Martinez, Director of Client Strategy at Clix Marketing

2 Sticky Bars

Sticky bars are a Google friendly, mobile optimized way to capture even more conversions.

Sticky bars are the Banners that appear on the top or bottom of a page, for a Subtle but prominent way of your Call to Action button.

In a similar way as Pop- ups, it can be triggered by a range of Actions to appear in the front of your visitor’s eyes when they are most likely to convert.

3. Pop ups

Pop – ups are offers triggered by an action that a visitor makes on a page.

It’s very simple and easy to install Pop-ups on all landing pages and web – pages [not only the Unbounce pages].

You can target them by several factors like time on page, referral url, location and / or Cookie to deliver more relevant offers to your visitors.

The great thing is that Unbounce has a library of templates that are 100% Customizable, makes designing Pop-ups very simple like setting them up in your page.

Core Benefits of using Unbounce

Here are Some Core benefits that you get with Unbounce Landing Page Builder.

1. Get more Sign ups, leads, and sales without increasing your Ad spend

You can get higher Conversions by Directing your Paid Ads to a Landing page customized for a campaign will create a more persuasive and better experience and will result in higher conversions So that you can save your Ad Spend.

When you are not getting sales and conversions even when you have Optimized your ads then landing pages and targeted pop-ups will give you an edge

2. You can Launch more Campaigns faster without need for a developer

Unbounce has a drag and drop functionality that makes it easy to build, test and optimize custom landing pages, pop-ups and sticky bars for any campaign, and you don’t need any coding knowledge for it.

You can choose from a library of 100+ templates. The builder is designed to meet all skill levels and scale to any business needs, from starter to an enterprise.

3. Easily integrate with the marketing tools you already use

Marketers can easily connect with over 60 apps within unbounce.

And you can also connect with 900 more applications without ever leaving the platform because of direct integration with zapier.

You can also quickly connect with Google Analytics or embed tracking pixels and scripts in pages with scripts manager.

4. Create targeted, contextual campaigns that seize every opportunity to convert your Visitors

You can customize every element of your landing pages, popups, and sticky bars for your brand, ad, and call to action buttons.

You can use features like Dynamic Text Replacement (DTR) and advanced targeting to create personalized and optimized campaigns to get more conversions.

5. Unbounce has more flexibility and creative control as compared to any other platform

Unbounce’s drag-and-drop functionality gives marketers total creative
control to design almost any landing page, popup, or sticky bar they
can imagine— and the best part is that they don’t need any technical skills.

You can also design your page with custom HTML, JavaScript, and CSS using Unbounce.

6. Great customer support with Every Plan

Unbounce has a dedicated Support team to make sure all the customers are successful, with an NPS score consistently above 80.

And unbounce is the only conversion platform to offer you support with live chat, email, and phone on every plan across the world in multiple languages like English, French, German, Portuguese, and Spanish.

FAQs related to Unbounce Coupon code

Here is a list of some common questions that are frequently asked on unbounce purchases

Q1, Does Unbounce Offers any free trial?

Yes , unbounce offers a two weeks free trial to their customers and you can easily get unbounce landing page free trial for 14 days by clicking here

Q2, What are the Unbounce Pricing and plans?

Unbounce monthly plan and pricing starts at 99$ per month for unbounce startup plan but with the discount link you will get two weeks free and 20% more discount every month for three months. that will cost you 79$ per month after availing unbounce discount code.

Q3, What is the Unbounce billing cycle?

Unbounce offers monthly and annual billing cycle. You can select a billing option that is suitable for you when you set-up a new account.

Q4, Can I publish Unbounce landing pages to my own domain? And how?

Yes, you can publish Unbounce landing pages to any domain you have. There are two ways to do it:
If you have built your site with WordPress, follow these Steps:

You can use Unbounce’s WordPress integration and publish directly to your client’s primary domain (e.g. example.com/anything).
If you have built your site with any other CMS, follow these Steps:
You can create a CNAME record, and publish to a subdomain (e.g. go.example.com)

Q5, Which tools does Unbounce integrate with?

Unbounce integrates with almost every tool out there.
The Unbounce platform has 12 native integrations, an open API, and a built-in Zapier integration that allows it to be connected to hundreds of different tools.


Unbounce is one of the leading landing page builders, it has a lot of interesting features to make highly converting landing pages, and by using the unbounce promo coupon codes provided here, you can avail huge discounts on your purchases with unbounce.

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